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High performance adaptable SHIN GUARDS. Easily molded to your leg. Ready to transform?

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The Shin Guards of Your Dreams

Because your body deserves the best, Onos design is like an innovative grid that can hug your shin perfectly. It provides you with high-end impact protection for all your trainings and matches. But that is not all!

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All About Soccer

Because soccer is not just a game, it's about surpassing yourself.

Soccer is all about victory, so we focus on what truly matters: allowing you to excel. Now you can play safely with real comfort. Reach your full potential with Onos.

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Made to Perform

Composed of three layers:

1. Game-changing Shell

It contains a PolyPropylene Carbonate (PPC) to ensure it offers the needed hardness to protect from impact. Its design also makes it flexible enough to follow any change of shape.

2. SW Material Technology

This is the centerpiece and the strong skeleton of the whole architecture. Developped by LOMA Innovation company, it can switch from a rigid state to a moldable one to fit your leg very quickly. And the whole process is reversible.

3. Soft Reliable Foam

Engineered for absorbing shocks and providing comfort, this is the layer in contact with the skin. Basically, all the good feeling and grip you need.
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Easy to Shape

Just a few steps are needed to customize them.

Put one pad in the microwave oven in low power setting for one minute. Press the pad onto your shin, and keep it in place with a sock for another minute. And voilà! Repeat with the second pad. You can reshape Onos as many times as you want.

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